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The Middlegame Masterclass

How Chess Masters Dominate in the Middlegame

Saturday, December
3 | 11 a.m. EST
Sunday, December
4 | 11 a.m. EST
FM Nikolay Yordanov
Chess Coach
2305 FIDE

Most chess players just study openings and tactics.

They think this is all it takes to win games… Not true.

You see, many club players can find a mate-in-3. Or play a few opening moves correctly.

But how many players can actually find the best move in a complex middlegame or identify and attack the weaknesses?


Not many.

Good news is…


FM Nikolay Yordanov presents a 4-hour LIVE Middlegame Masterclass where he will train you on the most important part of chess.

This is an interactive training where you will learn the copy & paste strategies that Chess Masters use to win their games.

What You’ll learn:

  • Attacking the Opponent's Weaknesses
  • Attacking the Opponent's King
  • Improving Pieces in a Complicated Position
  • Taking Advantage of Better Piece Coordination
  • Guidelines for Planning in the Middlegame
  • Transition to a Favorable Endgame

What you get:

4 Hours of LIVE Masterclass (2 hrs + 2 hrs)
Interactive Q&A Session
PGNs of All Games and Examples
Full Recording for the Masterclass

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