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Top Chess Coaches Will Transform Your Game Are you tired of spending countless hours on chess books and YouTube videos without seeing any results? Our one-on-one personal chess coaching will give a much-needed boost to your chess. Over 30 professional chess coaches with 10+ years of experience [Including Grandmasters and International Masters] are ready to take you to the next Elo bracket!
Chess Program That Guarantees Your Rapid Progress Your personal coach will guide you through the specifically developed program, measuring your progress, and making sure you are getting better at chess after every single lesson. No more guesswork and trial-and-error. We use only scientifically proven methods for chess improvement that guarantee your success.
Complete Chess Assessment A personal coach will analyze your current chess ability and select the program based on your goals, skill level, and age. Together with the coach, you will set up your goals, expectations, and schedule to be on a way to that 2000 Elo milestone, Fide Master norm, or a State Championship Title.
Multiple Tiers of Chess Coaches We don't believe in an all-size fit-all approach. If you are a beginner learning en-passant or Scholar's Mate there is no need to hire a super-Grandmaster as a coach. If you are an expert trying to reach FM or IM title - the GM coach might turn out very handy!
Flexible Lessons Scheduling Pick your own schedule whether you train twice a week or 4 times a week. Want to take Thursdays off or skip the second Monday of the month? No problem – we’ve got you covered!
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Benefits of training with chesslance
Why learn to play chess?
Stimulates brain growth
Dendrites conduct signals from the neuron cells in your brain to the neuron they happen to be attached to. Increased processing power improves the performance of your body’s computer, the brain. It has been demonstrated by science that playing chess positively affects dendrite growth.
Promotes creativity
Playing chess activates both sides of the brain, including the right side responsible for creativity. It has been demonstrated by scientific research that those students who played chess during the 6-month study period have achieved the highest scores for creativity and originality compared to the rest. At the same time, IQ scores, reading skills, and memory have also improved.
Improves children’s thinking and problem-solving skills
Research shows that playing chess improves child’s thinking, problem-solving skills, reading comprehension as well as the test scores. Chess positively effects overall school performance, concentration ability, self-esteem and motivation. In short, learning and playing chess is an amazing mental workout!
Builds self-confidence
No matter your age, playing chess can build up self-esteem. Playing and analyzing why you lost or won a game increases the level of mental strength and self-confidence that you bring to the world beyond the chessboard.
How it works?
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You will start training with your new coach by personalized program and watch your rating skyrocket!
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