7 Most Common Strategic Mistakes

Sep 18, 2022 Middlegame
7 Most Common Strategic Mistakes

In chess, strategy plays an important role because they often decide whether a player wins or loses the game. But which common mistakes are done in strategic play? In this article, we will discuss the 7 Most Common Strategic Mistakes players make.

Mistake #1: Complicated strategic plan

A complicated strategic plan is a sign that you are focusing on the wrong things while planning. Sometimes players fall into unrealistic plans and after a long wait, they cancel it in the middle and start defending only. Have a plan at your level and don’t complicate it, or it will be out of reach in the end.

Strategical Mistakes #2: Not thinking about the opponent’s plans or counterparts

Not studying the position leads to blunders because this way you only check your plan and don’t check what the opponent can do. If the opponent can execute his plan faster than you, then you can imagine what will happen. However, on the other hand on the opposite side castle game, the player who breaks the castle first wins.

Strategic Mistakes #3: Execution

The main part of the strategy is execution. Finding plans, and strategies is easy but executing them is a real skill. Everything is right but if the execution of strategic ideas is wrong, then it will lead to a losing position. But we give some moves to strategy and if it doesn’t work, then the time factor arises. Also, your opponent did some development at the same time.

Strateic Mistakes #4: Strategy without studying the position

Sometimes players only think from their side and make strategies depending on that. Then they miss the opponent’s threats or something that can even cause a blunder. Study position to see which piece is doing what? Which are the weak points or is there any checkmate pattern coming? A simple study of position can reduce blunders.

Strategic Mistakes #5: The Strategic Plan Is Not Concrete

After the strategy is developed, it needs to be translated into concrete plans, and a player should work well on the implementation plan. If you see fewer chances of success, that means you should avoid it. You can drive your focus on another plan but try to find some concrete plans.

Know some rules like when you are planning to attack King. There should be any possible checkmate pattern with at least three pieces attacking direction towards the king zone.

Mistake #6: Not choosing the right opening

If your opening doesn’t give you close positions or strategic positions or if a position becomes more open and tactical, then it’s hard to get strategic benefits. For example, Karpov and Kramnik have developed a positional style worth deep studying. With the white pieces, they employed a repertoire based on 1.Nf3 followed by c4, which do fewer exchanges and close games with good strategical chances.

Strategic Mistakes #7: Weak positional foundation

A player must have a strong positional foundation that will guide the right strategy. Sometimes players control a weak square but they can’t convert it to win. If you learn positional chess topics and master them then you can play well strategically. Without concrete positional knowledge, your strategic play will be incomplete.


These are the 7 Most Common Strategic Mistakes players make. When these seven mistakes are avoided, then you will get a strategic plan which is concrete, distinctive, coherent, convincing, and actionable. It is such a type of plan that can live up to high expectations. It is valuable because it can provide an error-less plan with focus and direction for good winning positions.

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