5 Top Endgames for Under 2000

Oct 31, 2022 New

       1. King pawn endgame

King pawn endgame is one of the most important topics in 5 top endgames for those under 2000. This topic has a lot of things to learn. like the Square rule, King opposition, and Distant opposition.
Understanding endgames with just kings and pawns are essential to understanding all endgames. There is always a chance that other pieces that are still on the board could be traded, resulting in a pawn endgame.

       2. Zugzwang

We can’t avoid zugzwang t any level of chess. So obviously Zungwang will make space in 5 top endgames for under 2000. Zugzwang is a German word that basically means, “It is your turn to move, and all of your moves are bad!” There is no “pass” or “skip a move” in chess, so sometimes having to move can loss of the game!
There are positive ideas to apprehend a good way to enhance your potential to apply Zugzwang to your advantage, such as opposition, triangulation, mirroring, etc.
A player who can see it well and use it well can add so many winnings to his games.

       3. Rook+Pawn(s) vs Rook endgame

This needs real endgame skills and proper techniques to win. In tournaments or in a practice we can easily see some players struggle with their one or even two pawns to win but it’s not easy. You should know the proper rules, and techniques to convert to win.
Lucena and Philidor’s positions will come under this topic.

       4. Queen vs pawn

Queen vs pawn must not be neglected. Players should be able to bring a win When the pawn is on different files and ranks. Mostly easy for a player with the queen, but still study them properly and know how some variations may lead to a draw.

      5. Minor pieces endgame

Mostly ignored topic but minor piece endgame also occurs a lot of times.
Endgames in which every side has a king, one or extra pawns, and a single minor piece fall into minor pieces endgame categories – knight vs knight, bishop vs knight, bishop vs bishop where the bishops are at the equal colored square, and bishop vs bishop in which the bishops are on opposite colored squares.
So all players must understand and prepare the following minor pieces endgame.
Knight vs Knight, Bishop vs Knight, Bishop vs Bishop of the same colored square,
Bishop vs Bishop of opposite colored squares.

These top five endgames for under 2000 elo are must-learn layers that may face them in their games several times.

Books suggestions:

1. 100 endgames you must know
2. Capablanca’s best chess endings
3. Endgame calculations
4. Silman’s complete endgame course


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