7 Reasons Why You Need a Chess Coach

Aug 12, 2022 Tutorials
7 Reasons Why You Need a Chess Coach

There are many benefits to having a chess coach teach and guide you along your chess journey. These cannot be obtained from books or other sources without great difficulty. Here are seven reasons why I recommend working with a chess coach.

1. Chess Coaches Have Experience and Knowledge That You Still Need to Learn

From the first time you see a chess board to the very best players in the world -we all need some help in order to improve at chess. Coaches can help you by identifying aspects of your game that should be focussed on. They also understand how those aspects can best be trained.

2. Specifically Tailored Study Programs

Experienced coaches access the skill levels of their students. They recognise the strengths and weaknesses of a player. This allows them to assist you through enhancing your particular strengths and aiming to reduce any weaknesses.Coaches can rectify any thought patterns you may have.

3. Assistance with Opening Preparation

A coach can help you make better opening choices designed to steer the game into situations best suited to your particular playing style. Openings can be analysed with the coach where his experience will guide you even if he doesn’t necessarily play your chosen opening himself.

An opponent in a tournament may play a particular opening that may not be the most popular choice. Your coach could assist you in preparing for that particular opponent.

4. Assist in Understanding Strategic Concepts

With so many chess engines available people rely less on fellow human beings to help them make sense of a position. I believe this is the worst plague to hit chess in its entire extensive history.

A coach can explain plans that arise from certain continuations, alerting you regarding tactics and traps to watch out for.

5. Teach You How to Play Endgames at a Higher Level

Let us be honest. This is the one area in chess you have to master in order to be good at chess. Yet most players spend the least amount of time on the endgame.

Your coach will identify which types of endgames struggle playing well. He will give you the right exercises to improve them. He will also teach you the techniques you need to know and when to apply them.

6. Act as a Role Model to Emulate

The student now has someone they can compare themselves too as a marker for their chess advancement when they decide to work with a coach. This establishes a clear long-term goal of becoming at least as strong in chess skill as the person coaching him or her.

An example of conducting on and off board activities related to chess should be something of importance to any coach. And this is something you should also take into consideration before choosing your coach.

7. High Levels of Support for the Student is Provided

All of us thrive on encouragement to do things well to push ourselves to obtain and master even greater achievements than we have accomplished before. Coaches can provide valuable feedback to their students. Students without coaches only have their own opinions to rely on and will often not look at situations on the board from an objective point of view.

A coach can provide the correct way to evaluate a position which the student will often overlook or dismiss. This will alert a student to new ways of looking for hidden resources for both sides in a game of chess they otherwise would not have found.

In conclusion, training with a coach is the most beneficial method to study chess!

Visit, book a free class and choose your personal coach in order to improve in chess!

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