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Oct 31, 2022 Tutorials

This topic “How to Stop Blundering Pieces” will most probably increase players’ 200-300 rating points. In some games, we are winning or equal position but we blunder and lose the game.
So this topic, every player should go through. Especially those who face this problem in their games. Rarely do we see players or coaches focus on How to Stop Blundering Pieces? Although it is the most important topic players should learn.

Blunder Cause: Awareness

The most important thing is awareness in avoiding blunders. Once I got frustrated about the blundering piece in tournaments. I decided to focus on it and the results were good. All players who blunder a lot need to increase awareness first. You can tell yourself before the game that you are not going to blunder and in the full game be aware of it.
Basically, for some games, you should keep this task on a primary basis. This is your task in all games, to not blunder, and remember your task work accordingly.
Once your mind develops the habit of being aware while playing games your blunder will reduce.
To Increase awareness players should keep eye on the full board. Don’t get triggered b a good move check if this move is right or not. Generally, when a player sees a good move he plays it immediately.

Blunder Cause: Overconfidence

When a player is winning he thinks winning is easy then the player gets overconfident about winning. You underestimate your opponent. You don’t even check what the opponent is doing, you think whatever he does I am winning. This may cause big damage.
Cause yes you are in a winning position but you may blunder a queen. You may overlook force mate is coming.

Blunder Cause: Patterns

Neglecting patterns is a big mistake player may do. Good players know which checkmate pattern may arise but still looking at their current position they think it’s not possible to come. I am having defenders. But after some moves have been made position gets changed dramatically and that pattern may get set.

Time pressure

The common reason for the blunder. If the position is complicated playing simple moves has more winning chances under time pressure. If you keep finding the best moves you may lose on time or blunder. when you are playing simple moves you play fast without taking risks. And obviously fewer chances of blunders.
So “simple and fast” is the formula.


You calculated and know everything but forget in between. let’s say your Knight is defending something you know but some moves later you see a good move with that knight you play it! and then realize you forgot the same knight was defending something.
This can easily be seen in any tournament a player touches the piece who is guarding checkmate or something, now he has to play it and lose the game. The opponent immediately claims touch to play.

Calculation & Visualization

Calculation mistakes cost you a piece or minus position for you. While calculating you didn’t check all replies. Orr Visualization problems cost you a blunder. All players should train hard in calculation and Visualization.

In a hurry to win

This point is so simple when you are in hurry to win the game that is already in your favor. You neglect what the opponent is doing. and you give free pieces or miss combination, force mate.
So, winning slowly is fine but confirming winning is important that’s fine if you took time to win.

Consider these 7 points in How to Stop Blundering Pieces and see the change in your game.


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