Guide for 1200 Elo: Getting better at chess

Aug 20, 2022 Tutorials
Guide for 1200 Elo: Getting better at chess

A large number of players are nearby the 1200 Elo rating. So in a guide for 1200 Elo we are going to show you some tips which help you in climbing the ladder. I will never say they stuck on 1200Elo because it’s not that hard to cross it. As time goes on with regular practice and studies it is possible to cross 1200 and get 200+ or 300+ rating points easily. But still, to make your improvement as fast as possible you can go through some important points.

1) Opening preparation:

Before opening preparation, I strongly recommend 1200 Elo players, using opening principles right. Then have your opening preparation right. You should use the opening that suits you, for example, a good endgame player should use an opening that will lead to an endgame easily. If you are good at attacking, then choose opening which will lead you to some attacks. If you are good at the endgame, choose an opening that will go in the endgame easily, but I also suggest never giving all of your time to the openings, as today opponents play unusual moves, which stop your opening lines and you will not know how to continue. Here using opening principles right will be the better option. And other smart players will convert their opening into a different opening position.

2) Tactics can take you to next level easily:

Become a Tactical monster! Tactics are what you will use in all parts of the game: Opening, Middle game, or Endgame. It will arise at any time in your game. And here is one secret about it.

First, you should be able to calculate at least mate in 4 to go through a lot of mates in 1,2,3, and then mate in 4 positions. So, you can make sure you are not missing force mates in your games.

Tactics are connected to each other so have the right pattern to learn them.

Then start challenging positions (for your level) of Double attack, then discover attack is another type of double attack. Then discover check which is connected to discover attack, then double check as the double check is connected to discover check, etc. I am going to list them now:

  1. mate in 1,2,3,4
  2. Double attack
  3. Discover attack
  4. Discover check
  5. Double-check
  6. Pin
  7. Skewer
  8. Deflection
  9. Decoy sacrifice
  10. Mix all tactics

The last mix tactics part will be important so in your real game no one is going to tell you which tactics will come. So, in the last mix tactics workout will be game-changing.

3) Game analysis:

Analysis of your game with a computer for better moves is good. But for more positional and planning tips you should analyze them with your coach or any stronger player.

Sometimes you will get game-changing tips. For example, when I analyze my game with my coach he told me to stop playing slow moves that I used to play a lot. I work on it, and my winning score increased. You are maybe lacking in the calculation or losing tempo moves. All things are going to matter in your results, so coach help is a must I suggest.

4) Grandmaster Games:

The first thing is that it will motivate you to play like them. Here your improvement starts with copying their opening, copying playing style will work well but it should match your style also.

Guess their moves, it will correct your thinking process and all aspects of the game. You can check how grandmasters continue after particular openings to improve your middle game. And also you can learn a lot of tactics they played in-game, and endgame ideas.

So watch and learn from Grandmasters games.

5) Limit bullet and blitz:

Playing blitz and bullet games will give you a bad habit of playing fast. You will make blunders or miss winning moves if you are playing fast. Some players are there who don’t get this habit. But still, you will do less analysis most likely in your game.

It will help you to overcome time pressure problems, so you should not avoid them directly. You can limit it by playing only 10-15 games per day.

6) Books you must read:

  1. 1001 Chess Exercises by Franco Masetti and Roberto Messa
  2. Art of Attack in Chess – Vukovic Vladimir
  3. My 60 Memorable Games – Boby Fischer
  4. One Hundred Selected Games -M. M. Botvinnik
  5. 100 Endgames you must know – Jose Luis De la Villa


Just follow all the things given in the guide for 1200 Elo and reaching the next level will be faster and easier. Also do not think over the rating number. Focus on game improvement and work hard.

Take small breaks to take a rest. Enjoy chess as much as possible.

Hope the guide for 1200 Elo will help you. Best of Luck with your chess journey…….

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