Blitz Tournament Results 04/03/2023

Apr 03, 2023 Updates

Dear Chess Friends, Yesterday we had another ChessLance blitz tournament!

We have a very interesting initiative to make online Blitz tournaments with cash prizes! And mainly: no registration fees and open to everyone! We did another tournament on April 3rd, and we’re going to do a summary of the events that happened:

  • We had 78 players, That was our record number of attendees, which means our event is getting more and more popular! The great champion was conquered by the Indian “upwards_and_onwards”, with 7.5/9! Especially given the fact that he started the tournament at 1/2, which shows us the value of never giving up and having determination;
  • The rest of the podium was won by two young players, who are not even 15 yet! CM Aaron Mendes and Tristan, showing that chess has no age!;
  • Unfortunately, the presence of cheaters in online chess is increasing, and yesterday was no different. We at ChessLance will look into anti-cheating measures, so that these players no longer appear and do not disturb fair players;


The best moments of our Blitz tournament

You know that training tactics is one of the best ways to get better at chess and we have an article on how to improve this part of the game here! Let’s see some examples of our players:

In Round 1, we had a very typical idea in the Evans Gambit! Can you find the correct sequence?

Blitz Highlight

In round 2, white used a mixture of double attack and pin. Can you find it?

Round 2

In round 3, Black’s player managed to find a creative way to trap the Queen!

Round 3

In round 4, Black made a sequence of moves that took advantage of White’s weaknesses. It’s your turn to play like a master!

Round 4

In round 5, Black missed this opportunity and didn’t take advantage of White’s position, but I’m sure you can find it!

Round 5

In round 6, white got a great position, especially for the attacking chances on the kingside. Can you find how to proceed?

Round 6

In round 7, a simple but effective mate in 2.

Round 7

In round 8, a weird example: The white player had his account closed for fair play, but he couldn’t find a simple move here. Can you play better than a computer?

Round 8

And finally in the last round, in the fight for the top positions, Black managed to find a beautiful combination!

Blitz Round 9

For prize players (1-5 places), email! We hope to see you at the next event!

See the final results here!

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ChessLance Team!

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