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Nov 28, 2022 Updates

Dear Chess Friends! How often do you struggle trying to find a proper move in the middlegame?

For example, I struggle a lot, especially if the type of position isn’t familiar to me.

To decide which move and plan to play, you should evaluate the position properly, think about your advantages and disadvantages, as well as consider the plan your opponent may choose.

The middlegame is probably the most complicated stage of a chess game, and most games are decided there. Of course, sometimes a game ends in the endgame, but usually, the position of one of the players is already better.

According to my coaching experience, students usually ask what they should work on to improve their middlegame plans. In such a case, I suggest a complex approach but focus on the middlegame planning.

Because a middlegame play is such an issue, we at decided to conduct a MasterClass. Luckily, our coach FM Nikolay Yordanov (who is also an expert in middlegame planning) agreed to conduct it.

If you want to improve your chess performance and, of course, your ability to play middlegames, today is the last day to enroll in LIVE Middlegame Masterclass with FM Nikolay Yordanov with an 80% discount.

This is a 4-hour interactive training where you will learn the copy & paste strategies that chess masters use to win their games.


It is a two-day event, and it kicks off on Saturday, December 3rd, and Sunday, December 4th from 11 am – 1 pm EST! 

Click here to reserve your seat 80% off (that’s just $19 for a 2-day Zoom training, plus you get the recording too!).

It’s less than $5 per hour (a cup of coffee).

Middlegame Masterclass: Here are just a few things that will be covered:

  • Attacking the Opponent’s Weaknesses
  • Attacking the Opponent’s King
  • Improving Pieces in a Complicated Position
  • Taking Advantage of Better Piece Coordination
  • Guidelines for Planning in the Middlegame
  • Transition to a Favorable Endgame
  • …and much more!

If you are looking for a way to take your chess to the next rating bracket… this is it.

Reserve Your Seat for Middlegame Masterclass 80% off (we have a limited number of spots, so don’t delay!).

Hurry up! Only a few hours left to register.

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See you at the masterclass,
FM Viktor Neustroev

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